The page allows you to make a free registration that allows you to analyze a series of parameters to take you to the profile that interests you the most. It is very important that you fill in all the fields so that the selection is as reliable as possible … Once your registration is active you will be able to access other functions of the page that are only for registered members.


Show a series of photos in a continuous slide. It is used to have a first visual contact with the most popular profiles on the page. Popular profiles have less ability to interact with you. As you are a new member you need to buy a subscription or acquire a badge. Badges are earned by completing tasks.



Photo medal

You have uploaded five photos


Video medal

You have uploaded a video


Friendly medal

You have made 10 friends


Post medal

You have made a post


Page medal

You have made a personal page


Promoted medal

You have a promoted profile


It shows a series of photos of profiles in which the user can interact. If you like a certain profile, you will be able to access its page and interact with that profile. The interactions are of 3 types:

  • I like it. Where you can access their profile and request friendship.
  • Chat. Where you can establish a private Chat with that profile. Only available with a subscription.
  • Videoconference: Only available with a subscription except Silver.
    Both Chat and Videoconferencing are subject to compatibility:

Silver can communicate only with Silver.
Diamante can only communicate with Diamante.
Platino can communicate with Platino and Diamante.
VIP can communicate with VIP and Platinum.


A list of all registered users on the page is displayed around three filters: active users, last registered users and all registered users. In each profile you can request friendship, send public messages, send private messages and access your personal file. If a certain profile has not accepted your friendship, you cannot access their file.


A chronological list of all the activity on the page is displayed.
A member has requested your friendship.
A member has accepted your friend request.
And others more …


There are 5 groups of members that correspond to the type of subscription and the privileges that its members have with each one:


Allows you to post or post on the page. Publications are the lifeblood of the WordPress environment. A publication of ours can be shared on other social networks and be seen by more users external to We Meet & Love. This fact is interesting not only to get badges and save money, but to earn money with your publications.s.


It allows you to know your personality through a test to find your perfect compatible profile.


Allows you to upload your own gallery of photos and videos that can contribute to publish posts and pages.


It allows you to upload a live video that can be used to show how you really are to the We Meet & Love community. Users who upload live videos are more popular and receive more visits.


  • Silver subcription.
  • Diamond subcription.
  • Platinum subcription. Option post.
  • VIP subcription. Option post & promoved profile.


It allows you to choose between a series of profiles to try to make a match. If this is established you will receive a notification.


  • Love cards: For 7 euros you can buy a card and send it to whoever you like the most. Members with badges and cards are more popular and more relatable.